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Big-Bag Big-Bag Manicardi S.r.l., thanks to a staff of qualified personnel, the company guarantees full service on any type of sleeve filtration system, large or small. With its long experience in cooperation with the producers of ecological systems, it has perfected its methods of monitoring and maintenance, and also provides services of technical consultation to ensure more economical management of the installation.

The services that MANICARDI S.R.L. offers its clients include:

  1. Servicing by specialized personnel for routine and/or special maintenance, i.e. replacement of the filtration sleeves; replacement of mechanical and pneumatic parts such as valves, gaskets, couplings, fasteners, sleeve holder baskets, nozzles, venturi cones, measuring systems;
  2. technical service for the filtration system involving inspections for filtration efficiency testing and technical measurements on the installations.