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For over 30 years the MANICARDI's main activity in the ECOLOGIA Division has always focused on the market in all its many aspects, with the ability to provide a complete service of supply, installation, regeneration and disposal of filtration media for industry.

Its unending search for innovative solutions at the level of the process has effectively enabled the company to reach a position of technological leadership that makes it a reference in the production of filtering sleeves.

The production of sleeve filters is carried out entirely in the company's own plant and the production process is continuously monitored to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Ecologia Ecologia There is a complete range of filters and textiles capable of responding adequately to multiple technical needs. Different surface treatments are available on request to improve the performance of the filtration media depending on the working conditions of the installation, such as:

  • surface smoothing;
  • singeing;
  • silicone-based non-stick treatment;
  • coating and/or soaking in PTFE;
  • water-repellent and oil-repellent treatment;
  • microfiber;
  • PTFE membrane;
  • antistatic effect with permanent stainless steel inserts;
  • flame-retardant treatment.

Ecologia Ecologia The company's know-how accumulated in over 30 years of business is the starting point to offer the client filtration media with excellent, long-lasting performance.
After-sales service is the effective completion of the service that Manicardi Ecologia offers its clients, since it can supply spare parts for the most widespread installation and replace used sleeve filters with new products.
Regeneration of filtration elements is another very useful service that enables used and recycled fabric or felt filters to be cleaned, repaired and put back into use over and over again in treatment plants with good results.